Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11: 3/15/1969 (afternoon) Gladsaxe, Denmark

3/15/1969 (afternoon) Gladsaxe, Denmark  Led Zeppelin is a Gas
Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, As Long as I Have You, You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown

The tape starts with Plant mentioning a forty-five minute delay. His voice breaks a couple times in Train Kept a Rollin', but it doesn't slow him down. He's warmed up by I Can't Quit You Baby, which draws shouts from the crowd. Page's fingers get a bit sticky in the last solo.

As Long as I Have You has a frantic intro. Bonzo is attacking his drums nonstop. Page's playing is aggressive in the solo. Plant is going wild, telling the audience to "sock it to me." An excellent version of I Just Want to Make Love to You is included before the last verse. There's a tongue in cheek intermission jam before Plant introduces You Shook Me, "despite Che Guevara." Page's guitar tone is very loud and abrasive. The short show ends with Communication Breakdown, which has a Hendrix-inspired intro.

The tape is noisy, but clear with Page and Plant again up front and Bonzo and Jones buried somewhere in the back.

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Anonymous said...

1969-03-15 Afternoon Show, Teen Club, Gladsaxe, Denmark "Led Zeppelin Is A Gas" (EVSD)
Good quality. Had this on in the background while I was working, so wasn't listening with all my attention, in fact, listened to it twice. Starts with The Train Kept A Rollin', then into I Can't Quit You Baby. Next up is an extended version of As Long As I Have You - it's a shame they didn't keep playing this song or record it officially ever. Plant tosses in some "I Just Wanna Make Love To You" among other things. You Shook me is fairly typical, and they finish with Communication Breakdown with an extended intro, but once it gets going, is similar to the album version. Page's solo has a bit of feedback and squealing going on, but he gets thru it. Good listen.