Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 14: 4/25/1969 San Francisco, CA

4/25/1969 San Francisco, CA  (2nd gen>dat>cdr)
Train Kept a Rollin', You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown, As Long as I Have You

A high-energy set from the second night in San Francisco. Plant skips the final chorus of Train Kept a Rollin', opting for another half-verse. The echo on Page's guitar is very prominent during an extended You Shook Me. Plant is in good voice, shouting wildly over Page's bluesy licks. Communication Breakdown has a frenzied intro. Plant experiments with new vocal inflections during As Long as I Have You. Unfortunately, the tape ends during the guitar solo.

The tape is a bit hissy and distant, but fairly clear and enjoyable nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

1969-04-25, The Winterland, San Francisco, CA (From Source)
A decent audience recording, a bit distorted at times, but overall fairly balanced. Plant's vocals at times are a bit drowned out. Show starts with The Train Kept A Rollin' and then into You Shook Me. There are some tape cuts between songs so we don't hear all of Plant's usual chatting with the crowds. They jump into Communication Breakdown, and then wrap up the show with As Long As I Have You, which cuts from the solo to the end.

jonwinterland said...

I have this on low gen tape, as well as Tarantura's 2009 box set realease, "Good Old Led Zeppelin".

The original recording of this must have more material, as the tracks featured come from throughout the show, but each has just the right amount of tape to allow for Plant's introductions. The taper wouldn't know just when to turn on the recorder, so it stands to reason that this was edited down to the circulating tape.
Make no mistake kids, this is Led Zeppelin at their early best! All four members are on fire, particularly on the furious and frantic Communication Breakdown.