Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Day 44: 3/12/1970 Düsseldorf, Germany

3/12/1970 Düsseldorf, Germany Düsseldorf 1970
Communication Breakdown, I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker. White Summer/Black Mountain Side, Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, Moby Dick, How Many More Times, Whole Lotta Love

The show opens with a surprise Communication Breakdown. After a loose and fiery I Can't Quit You Baby, Plant tells the crowd that he wants them to move around like they do in America. The band is constantly on the edge of falling apart during the guitar solo in Dazed and Confused, Page is in a world of his own. White Summer/Black Mountain Side is excellent.

Since I've Been Loving You is plodding and lackluster. Jones's organ is the highlight of Thank You, even overshadowing Page's guitar solo. Plant pleads with the crowd to sit down before introducing a thunderous Moby Dick, but is cut short by a cut in the tape. How Many More Times features an excellent jam prior to the band introductions. There is a cut in the tape before the first verse, leading us directly into the Bolero section. Plant teases the crowd with a sexually charged intro to the medley. Whole Lotta Love features a duel between Page's theramin and Jones's organ during the freakout. A lackluster performance with a few moments of inspiration.

The tape fluctuates between fairly clear and muddy.

Click here for an audio sample courtesy of Black Beauty.

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1970-03-12 Reinhalle, Dusseldorf, Germany "Dusseldorf 1970" (Reel Masters)
Tape starts off with some volume and speed issues during the first song, Communication Breakdown, nothing too extreme but a bit distracting. It seems things have settled down by the next song, I Can't Quit You Baby. The sound is fairly balanced, with Plant clear in the mix. The is some noise between songs when it sounds like the taper is moving the mic around to try to get in a better position. A few tape drop outs near the end of Dazed of Confused, which as grown to nearly 20 minutes. Plant tries to settle the crowd down a bit before White Summer. Since I've Been Loving You is next, followed by a brief organ solo and then Thank You. Moby Dick starts off with a few tape drops, but then things sound pretty good. How Many Times starts off with a different little jam before the introductions, and going into the song. There is a cut in the song, not sure how much would be missed, but it still clocks in at over 20 minutes. Sounds like Plant is inviting every woman in the crowd to the hotel during How Many More Times, heh. Whole Lotta Love wraps the show up. Overall a decent sounding show.