Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 4: 1/11/1969 San Francisco, CA

1/11/1969 San Francisco, CA (master reel)
I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, How Many More Times, Communication Breakdown

Plant stalls while Page changes a broken string before I Can't Quit You Baby, complaining about the heat, then asking "has anybody got a Les Paul?" Plant improvises new lyrics in Dazed and Confused while Bonzo attacks the drums. Plant tells the crowd that the band is moving to San Francisco, but if they don't make it, it's because "the police in England would rather us stay there." He's obviously struggling with his voice, mentioning he will carry on "without any cough mixture."

Bonzo turns You Shook Me into a thunderous march during Page's extended solo. He absolutely destroys the drums at the beginning of How Many More Times, turning the usual swing into a double-speed assault. Unfortunately, the middle of the song is cut, returning just as Plant's "got you in the sights..." draws squeals from the crowd. Plant repeatedly thanks the audience before the band finishes their set with a short Communication Breakdown, similar to the version from the first album.

The earliest known live soundboard recording is extremely enjoyable, despite being a somewhat subdued performance. All instruments are clear and well balanced (if a bit bass-heavy at times) with Page slightly behind the rest of the group.


Anonymous said...

1969-01-11, Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (Listen To This Luis)
After tuning up and some Plant chat, the band gets started. The sound is amazing, bass at times is a bit distorted, but not too much. The first album must be coming out soon because the performance sees all songs coming from it, outstanding performance. There is a cut in How Many More Times, not sure how much is missed of the song. Communication has an extended intro, but once it gets going, it cranks up at breakneck speed. Not sure if this is the whole set, 42:37 in length. Plant mentions a second set, but it doesn't appear to have been recorded.

Anonymous said...

Being that this is the first available soundboard-its woefully unbalanced. Bass and guitar barely exist, but its a great early show. Listen to "Communication Breakdown". Plant doesn't scream he GROWLS.