Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17: 5/25/1969 Columbia, MD

5/25/1969 Columbia, MD  (1st gen>dat>cdr)
Whole Lotta Love

The second appearance of Whole Lotta Love, now with lyrics in the chorus. The theramin freakout is still missing, featuring a guitar workout instead. The structure of this section is closer to the version on Led Zeppelin II than what was played in San Francisco a month prior, but the mid-song guitar solo is missing this time. Another interesting document of the evolution of the song.

The tape is a bit distorted at times, but clear and enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

1969-05-25 Columbia, MD "Lost BBC Sessions and More"
Only one song, Whole Lotta Love. After the last concert, even just one song at a slightly better quality was music to my ears (: Whole Lotta Love is still a work in progress, but is more like the version on the second album than the previous live version earlier. Somewhat distorted, but the bit makes you wish there was more of the show.

Anonymous said...

This is the only fragment that remains of a pretty crazy double-header: Led Zeppelin opened for The Who this night. While the Who never really struck my fancy, it's pretty legendary for the names alone!

It's also worth noting the structure of the jam in the middle. Many of the licks that they play would surface again between January 9th, 1970 and June 28th, 1972, in the "Bring It On Home" jams. I guessed they figured that since the jam was gonna be discarded for the theremin freakout, they might as well recycle it in another song!