Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 9: 2/2/1969 Toronto, Ontario

2/2/1969 Toronto, Ontario  (master>dat)
Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, You Shook Me, Killing Floor, How Many More Times

The tape starts with an announcer introducing the group and telling the audience they will be playing two sets. Unfortunately, only the first set survives. Plant is in strong voice during Train Kept a Rollin', but something happens to the tape at the beginning of I Can't Quit You Baby, making it even murkier. Plant shouts his way through Dazed and Confused.

Page's solo in You Shook Me is interrupted by a cut in the tape. A slowed-down Killing Floor begins with a Machine Gun-like intro. It's quickly morphing into what will become The Lemon Song on Led Zeppelin II. The first set ends with How Many More Times, in which Plant improvises lyrics over the bow solo, as well as adding some lyrics from Money into the "got you in the sights..." section.

The tape is very murky, sounding as if it was recorded underwater. Page and Plant are up front while Jones and Bonzo are barely discernible.

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Anonymous said...

1969-02-02, Rockpile, Toronto, Canada (audience source)
Announcer says this is the first of two sets, and the first show for Led Zeppelin in Canada - does not look like the second show has ever surfaced. The source tape is clearly in bad shape. Though things start off somewhat listenable in Train Kept Rollin', things go from bad to worse during I Can't Quit You Baby. Muddy, hissy, low volume, no dynamic range. Dazed and Confused sounds typical for this tour, doesn't stretch out too long. You Shook Me goes from the guitar solo to the songs ending, not sure how much might have been lost. The show wraps up with Killing Floor and How Many More Times. I doubt I'll be listening to this one again due to the rough quality, though at times things are at least listenable.