Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25: 8/17/1969 Wallingford, CT

8/17/1969 Wallingford, CT  (master>cassette>dat>cdr)
Train Kept a Rollin', I Can't Quit You Baby

A strange fragment. The sound is very flat with Plant being the most prominent in the mix. There is some tape warble/distortion throughout Train Kept a Rollin'. Plant is in good form, belting out every line with intensity in I Can't Quit You Baby. Page makes his guitar scream during the solo. Unfortunately, the rest of the show is missing.


Anonymous said...

I only have this tape b/c of the LOCATION of the concert and not the concert itself. This venue still exists but like every arena in the God forsaken state of CT has been bought out Clearchannel or Live Nation

Anonymous said...

1969-08-17 Oakdale Music Theater, Wallingford, CT (From Sources)
A short segment, two sources of the start of the show, The Train Kept A Rollin' and I Can't Quit You Baby. Source 1 is thin with little dynamic range, with tinny vocals. Turning it up so that I can hear this results in quite a bit of hiss. Things get a bit better part way thru Train Kept A Rollin' but it's still a difficult listen. Source 2 sounds similar, it might be the same original with just a different lineage, it even seems to get 'better' at the same point in Train Kept A Rollin'.

Anonymous said...

Im surprised Conner didn't mention his running schedule while writing his review.Forrest Gump/Led Zeppelin fan.