Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 13: 3/25/1969 Middlesex, England

3/25/1969 Middlesex, England  Led Zeppelin DVD
Dazed and Confused

Led Zeppelin's segment in the documentary Supershow. The band gives an energetic performance, with even Plant pushing his low voice to the limit. There are some strange edits in the guitar solo and at the end of the song.

The video is a slightly grainy and blemished color film. There are lots of quick cuts and mismatched visuals, as well as a smoke machine in the middle of the song. An excellent document and a must see.


Anonymous said...

1969-03-25 Staines, Middlesex, England (Official Release)
The only thing better than listening to this track is watching the DVD. The first time I saw this (on MTV somewhere along the way) I was just blown away. My main impression of Led Zeppelin in concert was from The Song Remains The Same movie, and to see them at full throttle and on top of their game, even in a short 7:37 clip was something completely different.

Anonymous said...

First time I heard this was on the bootleg CD "Riverside Blues" by Swingin' Pig. That was my first bootleg CD. I originally thought it came from vynil b/c of all the pops.
"DVD" has the best quality version
so....BUY IT!!