Saturday, February 23, 2008

Day 54: 4/28/1970 London, England

4/28/1970 London, England  Early Visions
White Summer/Black Mountain Side

Page's appearance on BBC's Julie Felix Show presenting a rare acoustic version of White Summer/Black Mountain Side. The footage begins with an introduction by the show's host. Page performs alone on a soundstage containing nothing but the stool on which he sits. The quick run-through of the song is interesting to watch as the cameras capture many close-ups of Page's fingerwork. The sound quality is excellent, unfortunately the video contains horizontal distortion lines that are present on all copies.

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1970-04-28 London, England, Julie Felix Show (BBC) Early Visions DVD
A rare early acoustic version of White Summer, just Jimmy Page, a guitar and a stool to sit on. The sound quality is good, but the video portion has seen much better days. About five minutes long, shame the quality wasn't better, but it is still an interesting watch.