Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11: 3/3/1969 London, England

3/3/1969 London, England  The Complete BBC Radio Sessions
You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown, I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused

The first of the BBC sessions. You Shook Me (featuring Jones on organ) sounds somewhat sluggish, magnified by Plant's voice being lower than usual. Communication Breakdown is similar to the version on the first album, with double-tracked vocals by Plant and a short funky breakdown. I Can't Quit You Baby includes alternate lyrics as well as a bit of Nineteen Years Old. The session ends with a short rendition of Dazed and Confused

The tape is an excellent broadcast master.

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Anonymous said...

1969-03-03 BBC Studios, London, England "Radio Appearances" (World Productions)
Four songs from the BBC Studios, all but Communication Breakdown made it to the official BBC release. Great quality of course. You Shook Me, Communication Breakdown, I Can't Quit You Baby and a 'short' Dazed and Confused (under 7 minutes). Everything comes thru clear, Page's guitar stands out a bit, but that's not really a problem. The official release is cleaner and brighter of course, but the bootleg version is great quality as well, a touch of distortion but overall very good.