Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 18: 6/19/1969 Paris, France

6/19/1969 Paris, France  Led Zeppelin DVD/Early Visions
Communication Breakdown (soundcheck)*, Communication Breakdown, Dazed and Confused
*- only available on Early Visions

The incomplete Communication Breakdown soundcheck footage focuses primarily on Bonzo. There are a few strange cutaways to the backstage antics of the show's cast. The beginning of the performance footage proper shows the band backstage, waiting for their cue to go on. They're greeted by a polite cheer from the studio audience. Plants swings his mic around à la Roger Daltrey during the guitar solo in Communication Breakdown. Dazed and Confused cuts in during the bow solo. On the Led Zeppelin DVD version, there are clips of soundcheck footage placed throughout Dazed and Confused where there were cutaways to backstage antics in the original broadcast. A short, but excellent early document of the band on french television. Must see.

The sound and video on Led Zeppelin DVD are top notch. Early Visions is slightly inferior, as would be expected.


Anonymous said...

1969-06-19 Tous En Scene, Paris, France (DVD Conversion)
Great sound, and nice SEEING the band as well as hearing them, but again, where the heck do they find these people to just sit calmly while the band is kickin?!? The soundcheck footage shows Bonzo pounding away, some of this footage made it into the official release apparently, I'll have to watch more carefully.

Anonymous said...

The band give an excellent performance. Dazed is cut, (which sucks) and the hosts are beyond stupid. This is the only time that I will recommend the uncut bootleg, b/c you see Bonham go ape shit on the kit. Unfortunately you see more of the borderline-retarded behavior of the hosts.