Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 2: 1/9/1969 San Francisco, CA

1/9/1969 San Francisco, CA Whole Lotta For Your Love
Train Kept a Rollin'

Very similar quality to the Spokane, WA tape from 12/30/68. A bit overloaded with Page and Bonzo out front and Plant in the back. It's a shame only the opening number Train Kept a Rollin' was recorded, it sounds like it was another energetic performance.


Anonymous said...

1969-01-09 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA (Immigrant).
As far as I know, only one track is known to exist from this show, The Train Kept A Rollin'. Hissy, muddy, I'm sure the performance was solid. 4:16 in duration.

Anonymous said...

1 track is just too little to base a review on, also check out the dadgad remaster of this. He basically took the track off "Twinight" and brightened up a bit

Anonymous said...

the 9th = Jimmy Pages birthday.

Anonymous said...

i have this gig on a silver cd whis this setlist:
as long as i have you (9.56)
you cant judge a book by the cover (8.14)
killing floor (7.47)
white summer (11.38)
babe im gonna leave you (6.54)
pats delight (13.20)
the sounds goes into meltdown during the first song but improves later on, and the cd has the following extra tracks
dazed and confused (7.38) staines 25.3.69
sitting and thinking (7.00) fillmore west 27.4.69
i cant quit you babe (5.52) stockholm 20.9 68 as new yardbirds

it's branded led zeppelin archives 13 and appears to be russian dating to 2001 release.

Luciano Cembrani said...

This russian release - ARchives 13 is actually 04.24.1969 date (Dancing Avocade), with similar sound e balance.

Marta Hawkins said...

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