Friday, February 1, 2008

Month Two: February 2008

Here's the schedule for February for anyone following along. 
Let's Rock.

Friday 2/1/08
1969.11.02 Toronto, Ontario, Canada (second show)

Saturday 2/2/08
1969.11.05 Kansas City, Kansas

Sunday 2/3/08
1969.11.06 San Francisco, California

Monday 2/4/08
1969.11.07 San Francisco, California

Tuesday 2/5/08
1970.01.08 Bristol, U.K. 

Wednesday 2/6/08
1970.01.09 London, U.K.

Thursday 2/7/08
1970.02.23 Helsinki, Finland

Friday 2/8/08
1970.02.28 Copenhagen, Denmark

Saturday 2/9/08
1970.03.07 Montreux, Switzerland

Sunday 2/10/08
1970.03.09 Vienna, Austria

Monday 2/11/08
1970.03.10 Hamburg, Germany

Tuesday 2/12/08
1970.03.11 Hamburg, Germany

Wednesday 2/13/08
1970.03.12 Düsseldorf, Germany

Thursday 2/14/08
1970.03.21 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Friday 2/15/08
1970.03.25 Denver, Colorado

Saturday 2/16/08
1970.03.27 Inglewood, California

Sunday 2/17/08
1970.03.28 Dallas, Texas
1970.03.29 Houston, Texas

Monday 2/18/08
1970.04.05 Baltimore, Maryland

Tuesday 2/19/08
1970.04.08 Raleigh, North Carolina

Wednesday 2/20/08
1970.04.09 Tampa, Florida

Thursday 2/21/08
1970.04.12 Bloomington, Minnesota
1970.04.14 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Friday 2/22/08
1970.04.17 Memphis, Tennessee

Saturday 2/23/08
1970.04.18 Phoenix, Arizona
1970.04.28 London, U.K.

Sunday 2/24/08
1970.06.28 Shepton Mallet, U.K.

Monday 2/25/08
1970.07.19 Berlin, Germany

Tuesday 2/26/08
1970.08.15 New Haven, Connecticut

Wednesday 2/27/08
1970.08.17 Hampton, Virginia

Thursday 2/28/08
1970.08.21 Tulsa, Oklahoma

Friday 2/29/08
1970.08.31 Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Anonymous said...

I'm putting this here so there's a better chance of you reading it.

First off, I'm gonna soften you up by saying that this blog is fantastic. I check it every day and I love reading the reviews. Fantastic idea.

Secondly though, how is 4/24/1969 not a "must hear"?

FRX said...

First, thanks for reading the blog! It's good to know there are others out there that are getting some enjoyment out of it.

Second, I thought about making 4/24/69 a 'must hear', the quality of the recording itself is definitely worthy or repeated listenings. What it came down to is that the equipment problems and the shortness of the tape just left it a notch below the amazing shows on 4/26-27/69. This isn't an exact science by any means. I've always really enjoyed the 4/24 tape. It just comes down to how I feel about it on the day. I will say that I highly recommend it.

Lastly, I read all the comments posted here, so feel free to comment in any of the posts. I'll see em all.