Thursday, May 1, 2008

Month Five: May 2008

May is here and it brings along some changes to The Year of Led Zeppelin. First, as you may have noticed, some of the posts now feature links to audio samples courtesy of the fantastic Black Beauty Bootleg Database. Many thanks must go to StarShip for his hard work and generosity in providing such an amazing resource for fans of live Led Zeppelin recordings. I've only linked to audio samples on the posts where the version I reviewed is the same as the version represented on Black Beauty, but I encourage everyone to browse the rest of the site. You'll find an amazing collection of audio samples (and even some video samples) of every show. A truly invaluable resource.

Second, starting this month I'll be cutting back the frequency of posts from seven days a week down to five. As the tours progress and the shows get longer, a bit of a break becomes necessary to maintain my sanity, if nothing else.

That said, here's the schedule for May for anyone following along.
Let's rock.

Thursday 5/1
1972.12.01 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, U.K.

Friday 5/2
1972.12.04 Glasgow, Scotland

Monday 5/5
1972.12.08 Manchester, U.K.

Tuesday 5/6
1972.12.12 Cardiff, Wales

Wednesday 5/7
1972.12.16 Birmingham, U.K.

Thursday 5/8
1972.12.20 Brighton, U.K.

Friday 5/9
1972.12.22 London, U.K.

Monday 5/12
1972.12.23 London, U.K.

Tuesday 5/13
1973.01.02 Sheffield, U.K.

Wednesday 5/14
1973.01.07 Oxford, U.K.

Thursday 5/15
1973.01.14 Liverpool, U.K.

Friday 5/16
1973.01.15 Stoke, U.K.

Monday 5/19
1973.01.18 Bradford, U.K.

Tuesday 5/20
1973.01.22 Southampton, U.K.

Wednesday 5/21
1973.01.25 Aberdeen, Scotland

Thursday 5/22
1973.01.27 Dundee, Scotland

Friday 5/23
1973.01.28 Edinburgh, Scotland

Monday 5/26
1973.01.30 Preston, U.K.

Tuesday 5/27
1973.03.06 Stockholm, Sweden

Wednesday 5/28
1973.03.14 Nuremberg, Germany

Thursday 5/29
1973.03.16 Vienna, Austria

Friday 5/30
1973.03.17 Munich, Germany

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