Monday, December 1, 2008

Month Twelve: December 2008

Here's the schedule for December for anyone following along. The final ten...
Let's rock.

Monday 12/1
1980.06.29 Zurich, Switzerland

Tuesday 12/2
1980.06.30 Frankfurt, Germany

Wednesday 12/3
1980.07.02 Mannheim, Germany

Thursday 12/4
1980.07.03 Mannheim, Germany

Friday 12/5
1980.07.05 Munich, Germany

Monday 12/8
1980.07.07 Berlin, Germany

Tuesday 12/9
1985.07.13 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
1988.05.14 New York, New York
1995.01.12 New York, New York

Wednesday 12/10
2007.12.10 London, England

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