Monday, March 23, 2015

Krrb Blog Collector's Corner

I was recently contacted by Chris Donahue at Krrb Blog and asked to talk about my collection of Zeppelin bootlegs and The Year of Led Zeppelin project.

You can read the interview HERE!


Anonymous said...

This is my go to page for Zeppelin, and I have been collecting for YEARS. I also never had the $$$$ to buy boots bit torrent has made sure that we are never left out in the cold

Long Live Led Zeppelin said...

Wow great interview!!!! I have eery zep concert bootleg known as well!!! And youre right about the internet and bit torrent!! that is the only reason i have everything i have!!!!! Yeah its about 260 and other odd concerts too!. great interview tho! And i realy appreciate all of the reviews because every time i feel i need to know about a concert before i listen to it, i come here! Actually when i was collection and finishing up the collection, I used this site as a reference so i knew i had every single concert!!! And mine match up with every single date you posted! So thank you friend and fellow Zep Head!!!!! My name is Hunter Schick-Albanese, this is my zep page i am commenting from, Here is my youtube page Long Live Led Zeppelin where i upload all zep concerts, and also my facebook page, please check it out!!!!!