Saturday, February 9, 2008

Day 40: 3/7/1970 Montreux, Switzerland

3/7/1970 Montreux, Switzerland  Divinity
We're Gonna Groove, I Can't Quit You Baby, Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, Since I've Been Loving You, Thank You, What is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick, How Many More Times, Whole Lotta Love

We're Gonna Groove seems a bit sluggish, especially Page. He seems to be moving in slow motion during the intro to I Can't Quit You Baby. Quite the opposite can be said of Plant, who is full of energy and bravado. Page re-tunes his guitar during the third verse of Dazed and Confused. His playing is almost drunk, very bluesy. As an intro to Heartbreaker, Page leads the band in a jam on the riff from Jeff Beck's Rice Pudding. Since I've Been Loving You is like a funeral march, mournful and longing.

Jones plays a haunting organ solo before Thank You. Bonzo is an out of control locomotive during Moby Dick. Page plays a riff similar to that of Psychotic Reaction at the beginning of How Many More Times. There is a source change to the inferior soundboard tape just as the song is getting underway. The Bolero section features some excellent improvisation. The band are locked into each other during the medley, which features excellent renditions of Bottle Up and Go and Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels' Jenny Take a Ride! Plant has everyone playing his call and response game during the "got you in the sights..." section. The tape ends during the theramin freakout in Whole Lotta Love (which features Jones on organ), leaving us without the end of this great show.

The audience tape is excellent and atmospheric. Clear and well-balanced. The soundboard tape is a bit hissy and lacks the feeling of being there that the audience tape has.

Click here for audio samples courtesy of Black Beauty.


tummell said...

What We Need:
1977.04.23 Atlanta, Georgia
1977.06.08 New York, New York

Happy to let you have these two if you don't already have them.

FRX said...

I am still looking for those last two shows. I'd be glad to accept a donation, haha

shoot me an email at theyearofledzeppelin(at)


Anonymous said...

1970-03-07 Montreux Casino, Montreux, Switzerland "Intimidator" (EVSD)
(plus alt source for Whole Lotta Love)
Source is a mix between a great quality audience source and a lower quality soundboard. Much lower quality. Listened to this on my long run, so mostly in the background, but this was much better sounding than the previous show. Show starts with We're Gonna Groove and I Can't Quit You Baby, before going into Dazed and Confused, Heartbreaker, White Summer, Since I've Been Loving You and Thank You. What Is and What Should Never Be, Moby Dick and How Many More Times is next. I listed to an alt source that is a mix of different sources to get a complete Whole Lotta Love clocking in at 5:30. Any other encore songs after this one are still missing though. Overall a good listen, the audience recording is very good for such an early show.

Maxwell said...

Is there a version of this show that has a decent Whole Lotta Love? If so, can someone point me to it...

thesaint2332 said...

Eat a Peach just released a 4 disc set which includes a new excellent source that includes communication breakdown as the last encore!